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Ojas Group was established after comprehending the need of a group which can work closely with the customers for their specific requirement and provide a one-stop solution through expert counselling. Headquartered in Australia, Ojas operates in about 4 countries as of today along with extensive plans of discovering new territories in the near future.

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Optical Fibers
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Solar Reserve, based in Santa Monica, California, has pioneered a technology that combines mass-scale solar power generation with storage, allowing energy from the sun to be "time-shifted" and used 24 hours a day.

While Prime Minister Tony Abbott says renewable energy significantly increase electricity bills, a new study finds wind energy actually forced down wholesale power prices by more than $3.2 billion over six years - but that little of the savings flowed through to consumers. Mr Abbott on Tuesday said the renewable energy target, which has largely driven investment in wind farms, was 'very significantly driving up power prices'


Up to 500 new jobs could be created in the future as underground shaft hoisting operations get set to commence at Glencore’s Ernest Henry Mine near Cloncurry. The mine extension will see operations transition from open pit mining to underground shaft mining. South Australia’s peak mining body has slammed The Australia Institute over a report they claim is factually incorrect.

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) claims to be “bemused and alarmed at the lack of rigour in a recent report released (on Monday) by The Australia Institute This report asserted the South Australian mining and petroleum industries received $316 million in hidden subsidies over the past 6 years.”


Foxconn Technology, the Taiwanese company that makes iPhones for Apple, has teamed up with yet another big-name tech company from the U.S. FIH Mobile, the conglomerate’s Hong Kong-listed mobile phone maker, is assembling, unveiled Wednesday. FIH also helped design the Amazon smartphone’s unique 3D technology.

Apple is preparing to shut down a trick that companies you’ve never heard of have been using to gather information about your shopping habits.Unless the Wi-Fi capability of a phone is switched off, it is constantly sending out signals, looking for a way to connect.These companies may not be able to connect your device to your name—although that’s not as hard to figure it out as it sounds—but they’ll know when your device visits the store.

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